Session Slide Decks

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Opening RemarksInnovations in Capturing Quality and Performance Data to Move to the Next Generation of MeasurementClinician Experiences in Operationalizing Specialty Care APMs
Alternative Payment Models and the Safety Net: Medicaid, FQHCs, and the UninsuredSupporting Integration of Behavioral and Physical Health Services Using Alternative PaymentAddressing the Opioid Crisis: Pain Management, Addiction Treatment, and Recovery in the Context of APMs
Supporting the Clinical Community’s Evolution Toward APMsWhat Does Success Look Like in Practice Transformation?Provider Strategies for Succeeding in Risk-Sharing Payment Models
Engaging Patients Effectively in APM DevelopmentAchieving Health Equity and Addressing Health Disparities via APMsTranslating Chronic Care Patients’ Optimal Care Journeys into APMs
Exploring Social Determinants of Health in Value-Based CareValue-Based Insurance Design for APMsHow Can Alternative Payment Incorporate Consumer and Patient-Focused Support Technologies
Engaging Patients to Achieve APM SuccessIntegrating Prescription Drug Expenditures in New Payment Models: Challenges and Successful StrategiesAPM Adoption in Each Market Segment
Purchaser-Led Innovations in APM AdoptionImplementing Alternative Payment to Improve Pediatric
Care Outcomes
What Can the Field Learn from Medicare Advantage Innovation
Value-Driven Innovation in Post-Acute CareValue Payment for Device ExpendituresDesigning a Roadmap for Driving High Performance in APMs